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3 signs your contractor may be missing the mark

1. Does your contractor tell you what you want to hear, constantly missing target dates heading down the critical path?

Commercial Construction Specialty is proactive in problem solving, we will work with all involved to find a solution.

2. How about your contractor looking for excuses why things are falling behind, causing that dreaded snowball effect, keeping the trades from completing their work?

The biggest problem with excuses is the outcome is the same. the project owners will not except any of them, even when they are sometime legit.

This falls back to being proactive from the very start. Most legitimate problems can be figured out before things get ugly.

3. Does the crew on site seem to be non motivated, clashing with other trades as the project progresses?

As the project rambles on with some trades on board and others falling behind things begin to run awry, Commercial Construction Specialty tries its best to find a solution before it goes into finger pointing mode. We are all in it together, again this goes back to being proactive.

Commercial Construction Specialty has been awarded by General Contractors for Outstanding performance in quality and hitting scheduling target dates so other trade can follow.


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